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VAG Vibration Damper Assembly Tool

* Specially designed to fix the timing chain drive sprockets while installing and removing the vibration damper on VAG 1.8/2.0 TFSi/TSi EA888 engine.

* Applications: Audi, Seat, Skoda, Volkswagen

* OEM number: T10531

* Contents:

T10531/1  Vibration damper holding tool

T10531/3 Crankshaft sprocket holding tool adapter

T10531/2 Crankshaft sprocket holding tool

T10531/4 Crankshaft sprocket holding tool nut


** 专为在VAG 1.8 / 2.0 TFSi / TSi EA888发动机上安装和拆卸减振器而设计.

* 应用范围:奥迪,西亚特,斯柯达,大众

* OEM编号:T10531

* 包括:

T10531 / 1减振器固定工具

T10531 / 3曲轴链轮固定适配器

T10531 / 2曲轴链轮固定工具

T10531 / 4曲轴链轮固定螺母