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Engine Timing Tool Set for Ford 2.0 EcoBlue Diesel

* For checking and setting the latest Ford 2.0D EcoBlue TDCi engine which features an innovative “belt in oil” design where the synchronous drive belt is sited inside the oiled area of the engine

* Applications: Ford Transit, Transit Custom and Tourneo Custom with Ecoblue TDCi engines: AWD, FWD, RWD 2016 onwards

* Contents:

1 x Flywheel Holdig Tool OEM 303-1643

1 x Cranksft Alignment tool OEM 303-1637

2 x Timing Belt Installing Cups OEM 303-1650

3 x 6mm camshaft locking pin



* 用于最新的福特2.0D EcoBlue TDCi“油中带”发动机检修,同步传动带位于发动机的润滑油区域内

适用车型::福特Transit,Transit Custom和Tourneo Custom,配备Ecoblue TDCi发动机:AWD,FWD,RWD 2016及以后的车型


1个飞轮保持架工具OEM 303-1643

1个曲轴SFT定位工具OEM 303-1637

2个正时皮带安装外圈OEM 303-1650

3 x 6mm凸轮轴锁销