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VW/Audi 1.8/2.0L Turbo Timing Set

The set includes an crankshaft thrust piece to remove & install the lower timing chain cover, drifts for camshaft slide pieces for the basic setting of the cam slide adjuster, 2x locking pins for the chain tensioner, 2x camshaft clamps to lock the camshaft sprockets in the TDC position when installing the timing chain – Essential for third generation and useful for generation one & two, adapter to install and remove the 4/3 way central valve for the camshaft adjustment and additional tools to help at the installation

20件套大众奥迪  1.8/2.0L Turbo正时工具



大众1.8 / 2.0L  CDHB, CDNC, CFKA, CDNB

奥迪 A4 / A5 ( 2008) / A6 ( 2012)