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The purpose of the device for Vag: installation and adjustment of the timing of vehicles VAG group.
Application: engines with distributed injection FSI.
Engine modification: 1.8 / 2.0 l FSI / TFSI.
Complete set of tools for installation of timing VAG FSI

VAG T10020 - tensioning roller pulling device
VAG T40011 - plunger retainer
VAG T10252 - the device for fixing the camshafts
VAG 3366 - tool for the tensioner shoe
VAG T10092- device for loosening the mechanism of the timing belt tensioner
VAG T10060 / A - plunger retainer
VAG T40196 - set of clamps for AVS sliders
Mounting tool for timing valve VAG T10352
Mounting tool for the timing valve VAG T10352 / 1
Ignition coil puller VAG T40039
Analog VAG T40271 - the device for fixing the cogwheels of the camshaft