Product Details

WT04A2060D(EVA) WT04A2060(Blue)

Timing Tool Set for Chrysler 2.5 CRD


●For checking and adjusting the engine timing
●Suitable for:
- Chrysler Voyager, Grand Voyager R2516C, R2516L, R2816K engine
- Jeep Cherokee (01-08) 2.5 / 2.8 engine
- LDV Maxus (05-08) VM2516L engine
●Camshaft locking pin (inlet) to be used as OEM VM1052
●Camshaft locking pin (exhaust)to be used as OEM VM1053
●Flywheel locking pin(Voyager, Grand Voyager 2.5 / 2.8 and LDV Maxus) to be used as OEM VM1068 / VM1089
●Flywheel locking pin (Jeep Cherokee 2.8) to be used as OEM VM1080
●Flywheel locking pin (Jeep Cherokee 2.5)to be used as OEM VM8873
●Tensioner wrench to be used as OEM VM9660 balancer shaft locking pin
●Flywheel locking pin