Product Details


Car Polisher -240MM

Electric Polisher                                            
230V/50Hz; 120W
2m PVC cable H05VV-F 2X 0.75mm2 ,VDE plug
No load speed: 1500-3000rpm     
Pad size: 240mm
Protective type/Protective class:Double insulation/II    

acce:1pc artificial woolen fleece hood
●Using perfect solution for polishing paintwork,surface finishing,waxing and descaling.
●Variable speed to suit for different applicaions.                                                                                                

●Anti-dust switch to ensure longer lifetime.                                                                                        

●Attractive and ergonomic design for user comfort.                                                                                    

●Soft grip for confirtable use.
●With sponge of 3 layers for better polishing result and longer life time.