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WT04A2010D (EVA) WT04A2010 (Blue)

BMW M52TU/M54/M56 Double Vanos Camshaft Alignment Tool

This kit contains all the tools necessary to assemble and time the VANOS cam-timing units on BMW M52TU . M54 and M56 6-cylinder engines utilized from 1998 onwards. 

●Alignment Jig Adjusting plate for setting valve timing on engine with double Vanos. 

●Sprocket Assembly Jig for pre-assembling secondary chain sprockets with chain on camshafts. 

●Chain Tensioner Lock Pin locks chain tensioner during timing. 

●VANOS Compressed Air Connector use to pressurize the single and double Vanos unit when servicing. 

●Applicable to 6 cylinder engines M52TU - 1998-2000 . M54 - 2001-2004 . M56 - 2003 to present.