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Master Common Rail High Pressure Tester

Essential tool for accurately measuring the high pressure fuel circuit of diesel common rail systems.

• Features 2,000bar gauge, pressure relief valve and high pressure flexible hoses.

• The kit also includes a set of dummy pump regulator and injector pipe blanks.

• Kit allows for a variety of tests to be conducted:

- Engine cranking/running pressure test

- Maximum pump pressure test

- Pump pressure regulator test

- Injector leakage test




* 具有2000bar压力表,减压阀和高压软管.

* 该套件还包括一套模拟泵调节器和喷油器管坯.

• 可进行各种测试:

* 发动机盘车/运转压力测试

* 最大泵压试验

* 泵压力调节器测试

* 喷油器泄漏试验